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What can we offer you ?

(the technical bits !)

3D Design

We can create and draw stuff, no problem !

Using a range of CAD software,

including Autodesk inventor,

3DS Max, CNC cam, One CNC

our strong team of engineers 

coupled with up to date

manufacturing processes, are able to provide 

a complete design and manufacturing service

in one place.

We have been involved in manufacturing

countless products over the years. We are

always thinking of the manufacturing

process of the product from the very first

stage. Allowing us to provide a well

thought out design, reducing tooling and part

cost and increasing efficiency.

PCB layout, circuit board design,

software development and manufacturing

management. Yes, we can do all this too.

Aluminium extrusion

Aluminium is a great, versatile material. With

collectively over 60 years experience in the

aluminium industry, we love this material.

Led design, heat sink profile design.

Carbon composites

As well as our first love of alloy, we are

passionate about carbon- profiles, tubes,

prepeg, layups or wet layups, always

with accurate fibre alignment, optimum

balance of stiffness, strength and weight.

CNC machining and turning

(We've got big ones, little ones and fast ones)

We have all the latest all singing, all dancing

CNC machines available, coupled with speedy

part programming via CAM process, we can

offer high speed machine time enabling

reduced lead time and part cost.


Being, one of the most important stages of the

design process, we can produce fully working

prototypes in a matter of days via CNC

machining or 3D printing.


As you can see we eat, drink and sleep design

manufacturing, but we are always driven by

customer satisfaction.  We are always

innovating and keeping up with rapidly

changing technologies and manufacturing


We are easily approachable and adaptable, and

pride ourselves on our open door style

approach of manufacturing and keeping the

customer involved at all stages of the design

and manufacture.