quickshot sports mast

The quickshot sport is a versatile, lightweight and

easy to use telescopic mast filming system.

Designed for coaches, managers, performance

analysts and teams. The quickshot sports video

mast has many applications in the sport and

education fields including video and performance

analysis. The pole is ideal for videoing any

sporting event and is widely used in football,

soccer, rugby, american football, baseball to

name but a few.

The quickshot sport is an extremely mobile system,

which can be used to safely record action on the

field from heights up to 9 metres (30ft), enabling

coaches and other professionals to have a bird's eye

view of the game, and ultimately enhancing the

visuals of what is happening on the field, which can

be used to improve skills, performance, training and



Extremely Portable 

The quickshot sports mast is a high quality endzone 

camera system. It is extremely compact, mobile and

easily transportable on any type of vehicle including

aircraft. The ergonomic portable design includes an

integrated carrying handle, with one person operation,

you can be up and taking high level video footage in

less than a minute.

Unique rotation system

The base of the quickshot sport mast incorporates a 

unique rotation system, which enables 360 degree

pan and 120 degree tilt. Therefore eliminating the

need for a pan and tilt head and further controls, so

you can stay focused and be responsive to the action

on the field.

The system will work with a wide selection of 

camcorders, enabling you to keep up to date with the

latest camera technology. Video footage can be 

captured straight to the video camera, and it can be

integrated with any video analysis software such as 

Sportscode, Prozone, Gamebreaker and Dartfish.

Record, zoom and focus functions are

enabled through lanc control cables connected to

the camera. The operator can see on a monitor,

the real time live view footage from the mast,

enabling full control over content. The quickshot

sports mast has a mounting point to enable

attachment of a field monitor.


The quickshot sports high monopod features quick

release tube clamps for maximum speed of use.

Constructed of aluminium and stainless steel for

maximum durability and stability. Anodised black

with anodised blue clamps, the quickshot sport is

the professionals choice of infield mast equipment.

  RRP £975

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 Please note the screen is shown for illustration purposes, and is not included with the mast.

quickshot 9 al sport